Murray Hamilton

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Murray Hamilton - Fees

Murray's fees are 300-380 euros(€) per day depending on the activity and the number of clients

For further details, please contact him, as below:

  • email:
  • telephone: 0033672830862
  • post: Murray Hamilton, Le Pey, 05120 Les Vigneaux, France
  • via the Contact page of this website where you can provide very helpful information about your experience and ambitions

Please note that these fees are exclusive of food, accommodation, transport to or from the area or within the area itself, expenses on the mountain (huts, télépheriques etc.) and equipment purchase or hire.


Clients are reminded that they are responsible for insurance against both accident and rescue, subsequent hospitalisation if necessary, and cancellation. The British Mountaineering Council or Snowcard websites are helpful in this respect. Alternatively, Murray can arrange insurance through the French company Diot Montagne.


Please consult the detailed planner for specific dates of Murray's availability.